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My submission of what being a parent is on growinguplast :)


This one made me tear up a bit, not even going to lie. Thank you breastmilkontherocks (and reader, you’ve been warned)!

Achy bones.  Blurry eyes.  Stumbling out of bed, hoping you don’t ram your bruised hip once again into the corner of the foot-board.  This is as you fumble out of the room and stumble down the stairs with your energetic 2 year old at 4am.

Missing the potty by a few steps and then cleaning up the mess as your toddler runs in circles yelling “sorry, mommy” in glee.  Sticky hands.  Art on your walls that won’t wash off.  Stained shirts.  Matted hair because you haven’t brushed it properly in one, two, three days.

That’s not what being a parent is, but it happens.

Being a parent is soaking in the joy of creating a life.  Helping nurture that wonderful, miraculous life.  Showing your little one what unconditional love is and receiving it in return.

Being a parent is the amazing experience of first words.  First steps.  First laughs.  First boo-boo’s.  First wet sloppy kisses.  First  t r u e  love.

Being a parent is making mistakes.  Feeling inadequate at times.  Struggling with yourself and your decisions.  Becoming angry.  Snapping.  Feeling shame. 

Being a parent is perhaps the most important and fulfilling job you’ll ever do.  You’re raising a person.  Showing them the ways of life.  Helping them become the best person possible.  You’re there to  catch them when they fall, physically and metaphorically.  You’re their hero. 

Being a parent is being strong at your weakest.  

In one word, being a parent is m a g i c a l.  

                 (adjective: beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life)